Look, eyelashes can change a look completely! Eyelashes can make a “simple  look” transform into a sexy, intense and flirty look! At some point I realized that  eyelashes are more important to a face than people realize! Eyelashes frame your  eyes! They bring forth your eye color, and with color, there is more intensity, and  even better, intensity generates interest! The curl and wispiness of these lashes  give the illusion of a more lifted and “flirty” eye.

My intention is that you learn that doing your makeup, getting ready for  life, putting on those 14 or 23MM lashes and your favorite bold lipstick is all for  YOU! It’s not for society or anyone else! We get ready for ourselves, we get  ready so that when we walk by a mirror and see ourselves, we can proudly do a  double take! 
 I want you to remember to Blossom….. For YOU!